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White Oak Fresh 2 U - Home Meal Delivery

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White Oak Fresh 2 U . . . 

Helps busy families to eat better by delivering freshly prepared, organic, and non processed meals right to their homes.

Are you trying to eat better? No time to cook? Eating out too often? Many people tell us how hard it is to eat right in this fast paced world of ours. White Oak Fresh 2 U prepares a weekly meal package and delivers it right to your home. You just heat and enjoy.


We use nutrient dense, organic, GMO-free and non processed ingredients and can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements. Heating instructions and nutrition information are provided for all of your meals. 


Each week we post a new menu featuring a different cuisine with 8-12 entrée choices. You choose a  3, 4 or 5 entrée meal plan, then choose the side dishes including vegetables, soups or salads, and sandwiches. Choose a meal plan to fit your schedule and family size. There is no commitment, order when it is convenient.  We deliver to the northern suburbs on Tuesday evening and Chicago and the Western suburbs on Wednesday. 

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6 Comments for White Oak Fresh 2 U - Home Meal Delivery

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