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The Cupcake Gallery

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For starters, we’re cupcake people. We actually like all things sweet, but cupcakes are funky and down right cool. We know what makes a great cupcake. We start with a fantastic moist cake layer that comes out moist and stays moist. Then we take the perfect blend of sweet flavor to make the best, lightest, and creamiest frosting you’ve ever had. We stand by it! Really, we do. Once you taste it, get ready, because you’ll stand by it too. (If you didn’t noticed, that rhymed).


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4 Comments for The Cupcake Gallery

5 stars Posted on Aug, 3, 2015   

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5 stars Posted on Dec, 29, 2009   

The Hallelujah Cupcake

My family and I went to the Cupcake Gallery today. As we were deciding what flavors to enjoy, another visitor was biting into a red velvet cupcake. His response was classic. He sighed and said, "Jesus in in this cupcake." We all laughed, ordered 3 of those (to complete our 1/2 dozen) and decided that this description should be part of the Cupcake Gallery's new marketing campaign. And, in the meantime, I am going to deem the red velvet cupcakes at the Cupcake Gallery the "Hallelujah Cupcake."

Everyday Cookin'
5 stars Posted on May, 31, 2009   

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