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Fingerhut Bakery

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This 109 year old bakery that started on 18th and May in Chicago in 1895 closed its doors in 2004.  After the fabulous customers asked for the 3 best selling items to be brought back (Sourdough Babi Rye Bread, All Butter Raisin Houska Bread, Fruit and Cheese filled Kolacky) so on April 1, 2008 the All New Fingerhut Bakery "web site" went online.  On September 1, 2008 you will enjoy another 20+ items  added to their website for the coming holidays! 

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10 Comments for Fingerhut Bakery

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Kailua girl
5 stars Posted on Oct, 11, 2008   

For many years I carried loaves on planes home to Hawaii, then took to baking when they closed.  I still have my grandmother's Babi's Rye handmade tile.  Welcome back!

5 stars Posted on Jun, 13, 2008   

Truely the BEST real rye bread in the country!  Made in a 2lb round loaf!!!

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